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Tue Dec 4 22:22:28 2007 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by norman.x.gray
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Add Rick Hessman's IVOAT vocabulary to the tree, as a minimally
  adjusted edit of the files in
Improved instructions in vocabularies/README for adding a vocabulary.

1 norman.x.gray 6 <HTML>
2     <HEAD>
3     <TITLE>ROOTGOESHERE Thesaurus Header</TITLE>
4     <LINK HREF="./doc.css" TYPE="text/css" REL="stylesheet">
5     </HEAD>
6     <BODY BGCOLOR="white" TEXT="black" LINK="black">
7     <FONT FACE="sans-serif">
8     <H1><A TARGET="_top" HREF="../index.html"><img height="60" src="./icon.png" align="top"></A> ROOTGOESHERE Thesaurus</H1>
9     <H3>Version DATEGOESHERE</H3>
10     <HR>
11     In addition to a
12     <A HREF="./intro.html" target="main">brief introduction</A>, the
13     <A HREF="./ROOTGOESHERE.txt" target="main">normative text file</A>, a
14     <A HREF="./dict/A.html" target="main">dictionary</A>, the
15     <A HREF="./ROOTGOESHERE.rdf" target="main">RDF document</A>, and lists of
16     <A HREF="./labels.html" target="main">labels</A>,
17     <A HREF="./aliases.html" target="main">aliases</A> (both for humans), and
18     <A HREF="./tokens.html" target="main">tokens</A> (for computers).
19     The current vocabulary has TOTALGOESHERE concepts, of which TOPGOESHERE are "TopConcepts".
20     <HR>
21     </FONT>
22     </BODY>
23     </HTML>

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