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Tue Dec 4 21:09:34 2007 UTC (13 years, 5 months ago) by norman.x.gray
File size: 1357 byte(s)
Import vocabularies from Explicator repository, breaking them into 
  separate subdirectories of src/.  There's a certain amount of
  duplication of stuff in the respective src/*/Makefile.in, but this
  is (only?) because these have all come from the same place, so start
  more-or-less identical, and they'll likely diverge at least a little
  in future.
Rework build system, so that all configuration (version number,
  release date, etc) now happens within configure.ac.

1 Notes on Converting A&A Keywords List
2 =====================================
4 Frederic Hessmen provided an xml representation of the file which
5 contained equivalences to ucds.
7 Norman added the hierarchy to the file by creating the categories as
8 concepts.
10 Alasdair identified that some concepts were missing and added them.
11 - Stars: oscillations
12 - Galaxies: active
13 - Galaxies: clusters: individual: ...
14 - Galaxies: star clusters
16 Alasdair has added the collections to the file.
17 - Astronomical instrumentation, methods and techniques: space vehicles
18 I was unsure what to do with this one. I have added a collection
19 which has itself as a concept.
20 - Astronomical data bases: miscellaneous
21 Issue about how to interpret this. I have left it as a concept
22 rather than a collection.
23 - The Sun
24 For now, I have added a collection between the general concept 'The
25 Sun' and the concepts 'Sun: xxx'.
26 - Planets: rings
27 I have left this unchanged.
28 Should it be part of Planets and Satellites?
29 - Stars
30 Handled in the same way as 'The Sun'
31 - Stars: Binaries (including multiple)
32 I have added this to the collection 'Stars: Binaries'.
33 - Stars: Planetary Systems
34 I have added this to a collection of the same name.
35 - The Galaxy
36 Handled in the same way as 'The Sun'
37 - Galaxies
38 Handled in the same way as 'The Sun'

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