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Fri Dec 7 13:45:23 2007 UTC (13 years, 5 months ago) by norman.x.gray
File size: 2563 byte(s)
Added --with-xsltproc and --with-saxon switches to the configure.ac
  script, to make it possible to swap between the two (there appear to
  be some currently unresolved problems with doc/structure.xslt and xsltproc)

2 Build tree for the IVOA vocabulary SKOS files.
4 You need:
6 * rapper: from <http://librdf.org/raptor/>
7 * cwm: you need the CVS version from
8 <http://www.w3.org/2000/10/swap/doc/cwm.html>
9 * BibTeX, to build the bibliography in doc/
11 Configuring and building from a checkout
12 ========================================
14 % autoconf
15 % ./configure 'CWM=python "/path/to/checked out/cwm.py"'
16 % make
18 (yes, autoconf is slightly over the top for a project which isn't
19 designed to be built after distribution, but it's the most
20 straightforward way to do the various substitutions required, avoiding
21 a lot of Makefile fuss).
23 The cwm command can be given as shown (which works from a checked out
24 but not installed SWAP), but note the quotes. If you install cwm in a
25 standard python way, so that just 'cwm' at the command line works,
26 then setting this should be unnecessary (but I haven't been able to
27 work out how one is actually supposed to install cwm, so I can't
28 really check this).
30 It appears that at least some versions of xsltproc are confused by the
31 stylesheets in doc/. If this appears to be the case for you, install
32 Saxon <http://saxon.sourceforge.net/> and give the ./configure option
33 --with-saxon=/path/to/saxon8.jar
35 There is nothing to build after distribution.
38 Maintainance
39 ============
41 To add a vocabulary:
43 1. Create the appropriate subdirectory under src/, say src/NewVocab
44 2. Add a Makefile.in in that directory which creates at least
45 src/NewVocab/NewVocab.ttl, src/NewVocab/NewVocab.rdf and
46 src/NewVocab/Notes. The Makefile.in should allow its release
47 information to be set in the same way that src/AOIM/Makefile.in (for
48 example) does.
49 3. Add NewVocab to src/Makefile.in's SUBDIRS variable.
50 4. Add the new Makefile.in to the bottom of configure.ac.
52 To make a release:
54 1. Copy the trunk to a tagged tree using, for example,
56 % svn copy https://volute.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ \
57 https://volute.googlecode.com/svn/tags/vocabularies-0.01 \
58 -m "Tag release 0.01 of vocabularies project"
60 2. Check out that tag and build a distribution using just the
61 instructions above. If any minor fixes are required, it's
62 probably OK to make them on that tag-branch and re-merge them
63 with the trunk, but I haven't done that myself.
65 3. Upload the distribution tarball to the 'downloads' section of
66 volute.googlecode.com (at present). In future, (the contents of)
67 this distribution tarball should be submitted to the IVOA
68 documents process. Details to come.

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