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Wed Apr 2 06:35:54 2008 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by gerard.lemson
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Added todo.txt in doc
Added package dependencies in UML data model and added descriptions to the packages.
Moved old uml to input/previous and renamed LOB model back to the basic model.
Renamed some of the xsl scripts, iso xml I use intermediate to refer to the XML we create directly form the XMI.
Added xmiid and xmiidref to the intermediate representation, for linking back to XMI source and for use in referencing inside the model.
Updated the build.xml accordingly.
makeAll runs and compiles.
1 2008-04-02 GL:
2 --------------
3 - create an intermediat2xsd.xsl script to replace xmi2xsd.xsl.
5 - Need to decide on how to map packages to XSD.
6 I suggest each package gets its
7 own targetnamespace, and is defined in its own file.
8 Other schema documents import it.
9 This implies that we must not have cycles in the package dependency graph.
10 Also, sub-packages import their super package(s) , but not vice versa.
11 Question: if I import a package, do I automatically import the packages it imports?
12 Do we need explicit schemaLocation-s?
13 Can we use the volute location for that?
15 - It is possible in UML to declare explicit dependency of one package on an other.
16 This explicit relation makes deciding which packages to import simpler,
17 as we do not need to derive this from relationships between types inside of
18 the packages. It does put a validity constraint on the model: types can only have relations
19 to types in packages that are "known" to the type's parent package:
20 either because it is the same package or because it imports it (recursively possibly).
21 If we do this we need an extra element in intermediateModel.xsd to represent it.
23 In the current version of the model I have added this.
25 - we need to decide whether we're happy with

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