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Thu Apr 17 17:19:33 2008 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by bourges.laurent
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added issue about Value / Quantity
1 Issues
2 ------
4 - group of experiments with common goal/target using as "protocol" a way to use simulation codes.
6 - specialisation of parameter setting to string and numerical parameter settings
8 - input parameter class may have an enumerated list of possible values ala an enumerated data type
10 - move representationobjecttype under protocol and add "usage" version under experiment. i.e.
11 normalise the model further.
13 - we can generate XML schema root elements. Can be done by
14 - adding for example an <<entity>> sterotype.
15 - Or by taking all the concret (and therefore final) classes in an inheritance hierarchy that is not
16 contained.
17 - Or custom, based on the application.
18 Maybe last one is best.
20 - Quantity / Value : problem to serialize to DDL (class hierarchy)
21 => laurent proposes to have a simple Value (string for complex...) or DoubleValue
22 and move the unit to InputParameter & Property Classes and/or use a reference to a new SnapUnit enumeration (id, name, description)

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