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First commit of some doc-s
1 Generating Java classes from the UML model
2 ==========================================
3 Here we describe the generation of Java files from the UML data model.
4 As in the other generation scripts, we use XSLT working off the
5 intermediate representation of the data model.
7 That intermediate representation is derived using the res/xmi2intermediate.xsl script.
9 The Java generation script is res/intermediate2java.xsl.
10 It generates Java classes for Java5 and later, as we make heavy use
11 of annotations to generate code that can make use of JPA and JAXB frameworks.
12 For JPA we include toplink libraries.
14 -------
15 -- JPA
16 -------
17 The OR mapping strategy we use is described in doc/ORMapping.txt
18 We implement this mapping strategy using Java annotation (suupported form Java 5 onwards).

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