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Fri Aug 21 08:23:48 2020 UTC (10 months ago) by msdemlei
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Summary of the (non-) discussion on datalink/core#coderived.

1 Vocabulary: http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/datalink/core
2 Author: Fran├žois Bonnarel, Markus Demleitner, msdemlei@ari.uni-heidelberg.de
3 Date: 2020-06-24
4 Supercedes: VEP-003
6 New Term: coderived
7 Action: Addition
8 Label: Coderived Data
9 Description: Data products sharing one or more progenitors with #this.
10 This could be a lightcurve for an object catalog derived from repeated
11 observations, the dataset processed using a different pipeline, or the
12 like.
13 Used-in:
14 http://dc.g-vo.org/gaia/q2/tsdl/dlmeta?ID=ivo://org.gavo.dc/~?gaia/q2/199286482883072/BP
15 This is GAVO's rendition of the Gaia DR2 epoch photometry, where
16 users retrieve a time series in a specific band; the time series
17 in the other bands are coderived with that.
19 Rationale:
20 It is fairly common in complex pipelines that multiple data products
21 result from a single observation. Often, this is true even in a
22 single pipeline step, and hence the data products are not in a
23 progenitor-derivation relationship. Still, researchers will want to
24 know about these data products; for instance, while exploring a source
25 in Gaia, a quick way to access epoch photometry or the RP/BP spectra
26 is obviously valuable; such artefacts are not really progenitors of
27 the catalog entry, though. In such cases, #coderived (or perhaps one of
28 its future child terms) should be used.
30 Clients should offer #coderived links in a context of scientific
31 exploitation of the dataset (as opposed to, say, debugging).
33 The term #coderived was chosen in a longer process that included
34 consideration of #sibling and #co-generated. Both were eventually
35 dropped because it was felt they could be interpreted as meaning
36 "of the same kind as #this" or "produced together with #this in one
37 processing step"; however, is that the common predecessor of
38 #coderived and #this can be many levels up the a provenance tree.
40 Discussion:
41 After the lively discussions on the VEPs this VEP supercedes, no
42 objections were raised on this.

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