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Mon Jul 13 09:38:30 2020 UTC (11 months, 1 week ago) by msdemlei
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VEPs: Another example for #counterpart.

1 Vocabulary: http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/datalink/core
2 Author: Fran├žois Bonnarel
3 Date: 2020-06-03
4 Supercedes: VEP-001
6 New Term: counterpart
7 Action: Addition
8 Label: Counterpart
9 Description:
10 Data products sharing the target of the experiment or observation
11 that led to #this but of unrelated provenance. This could be
12 observations of the same object in different wavelengths or along
13 different axes (time, spectrum), but spectra of dust of common
14 origin but obtained by different laboratories would be #counterparts
15 as well.
17 Used-in:
18 Various SVO ConeSearch services (courtesy Carlos Rodrigo/SVO), for
19 instance
20 http://svo2.cab.inta-csic.es/vocats/catlib/dl.php?ID=Coma+T+102&from=cs
22 Also, in the GAVO data center, there it is used to link repeated
23 observations of a given field among each other. For instance:
24 http://dc.g-vo.org/flare_survey/q/mdl/dlmeta?ID=ivo%3A//org.gavo.dc/%7E%3Fflare_survey/data/plates/ESO040_004362.fits
26 Rationale:
27 Astronomers often want to associate #this (astronomical objects,
28 sources or datasets ) with dataproducts of other provenance (but
29 sharing some common features with them). The purpose maybe for
30 comparison, cross-corelation, multi-band interpration, follow-up of
31 changes, checking simulations results versus observations.
33 Examples of that are measurements in another band, images, cubes,
34 spectra, timeseries of a source, same dataproduct type and location
35 in physical space but at another time, etc.
37 In discussions leading up to the VEP, several other terms have been
38 investigated and found inadequate. #see-also was considered much
39 too general, essentially applying to all datalink items; #followup did
40 not match the intended concept, as the linked data products may be
41 much older than #this; #cross-associated was considered in more
42 detail and might be a contender; #is-observation-of did not quite
43 fit because the #counterpart is not an observation of #this but
44 something observed by #this.

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