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1 Vocabulary: http://www.ivoa.net/rdf/datalink/core
2 Author: francois.bonnarel@astro.unistra.fr
3 Date: 2019-10-15
5 New Term: documentation
6 Action: Addition
7 Label: Documentation
8 Description: Extra information on the item in human-readable text form,
9 ranging from processing logs to weather reports to technical documents
10 on instruments to related publications.
11 Rationale:
12 This term was proposed actually by Alberto Micol due to some ESO use cases. For example a text giving some details on observation conditions can be attached to a dataset. Could be also instrument configuration in free text, etc...
14 Discussion: Semantics took the liberty of modifying term, label and
15 description versus the original proposal to better fit into the existing
16 vocabulary and be a bit more precise.
18 SVO wants to use the term to link to related publications, for instance
19 where the dataset was used or commented on (cf.
20 http://svo2.cab.inta-csic.es/vocats/v2/ltsa/dl.php?ID=SDSS_J12181286%2B0706104).
21 CADC mentioned there's a simiar thing in CAOM that is used to link to
22 pocessing logs. Semantics then asked whether there is sufficent
23 communalities between the different use cases to have them all under one
24 term and what a client is supposed to do with it; SVO indicated that
25 there probably was and the single "documentation" was sufficient
26 (http://mail.ivoa.net/pipermail/dal/2019-October/008208.html)

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