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uml/  1899  8 years  gerard.lemson   small update to TAP model. Added support for Schematron validation of VO-DML mod…
build/  2071  8 years  gerard.lemson  
libs/  2200  8 years  gerard.lemson  
prototype/  2301  8 years  omarlaurino@gmail.com   fixed svo.xml and phot.xml
models-xsd/  2574  7 years  gerard.lemson   firct commit of some xsd-s generated form vo-dml
xslt/  3604  5 years  gerard.lemson   updates to improve formatting of vo-dml-i representaiton of interpreted VOTable.…
java/  3605  5 years  gerard.lemson  
mapping/  3634  5 years  tdonaldson   These are the wrong files.
doc/  3785  4 years  gerard.lemson   Updates to version number and to introductory text to refer to new location of i…
xsd/  3797  4 years  gerard.lemson   change error into warning for attributes with multiplicity gt 1
models/  3806  4 years  mdittmar   add STC transform sub-model.. first pass
PROXY.txt  1937  8 years  bourges.laurent@gmail.com   added proxy info
.project  2048  8 years  gerard.lemson   renamed java and jaxb to java-gen and jaxb-gen
build_jalopy.xml  2205  8 years  gerard.lemson  
README.txt  2559  7 years  gerard.lemson  
build_java.xml  3041  6 years  gerard.lemson   synching vo-dml@g-vo
build.properties  3543  5 years  mdittmar   clean up build.properties; add template vo-dml.properties file for new models
build.xml  3606  5 years  gerard.lemson   added vo-dml-instance validator ant target

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