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revision 4415 by kriebe, Thu Sep 21 21:09:26 2017 UTC revision 4416 by kriebe, Tue Sep 26 20:48:43 2017 UTC
# Line 229  Line 229 
229  \input{PROV-VOTABLE}  \input{PROV-VOTABLE}
231  \section{Changes from Previous Versions}  \section{Changes from Previous Versions}
232  % these would be subsections "Changes from v. WD-..."  \subsection{Changes from WD-ProvenanceDM-1.0-20170921}
233    \begin{itemize}
234    \item Minor corrections in Appendix~\ref{sec:appendix-serialization-examples} and Appendix~\ref{sec:appendix-prov-votable}.
235    \item Minor correction in role names in Figure~\ref{fig:classdiagram-conceptional} for hadStep/hadMember relationship.
236    \end{itemize}
238  \subsection{Changes from WD-ProvenanceDM-1.0-20161121}  \subsection{Changes from WD-ProvenanceDM-1.0-20161121}
239  \begin{itemize}  \begin{itemize}
240  \item New appendix for PROV-VOTable/TAP SCHEMA tables added  \item New appendix for PROV-VOTable/TAP SCHEMA tables added

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