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1 mdittmar 4268 Directory structure guide for IVOA Data Model projects
3     Purpose:
4     For generating new IVOA data models, it is recommended to use this resource
5     for iterating on models and documents in preparation for upload to the
6     IVOA Documents and Standards page.
8     It is also a repository for support resources which are not appropriate
9     for upload to the documents and standards pages.
11     Structure:
12     The general structure of the dm project has been fairly loose, and varied
13     widely between projects. An effort is under way to make the area more
14     consistent using the following general framework.
15     New model work should follow this structure.
16     .../dm Top Level - this directory
17     .../dm/<MODEL> Model project top - no version
18     (eg: vo-dml, cube, stc, provenance)
19     .../dm/<MODEL>/doc Standard document ( doc, ivoatex, pdf )
20     .../dm/<MODEL>/examples Example files/serializations
21     .../dm/<MODEL>/model Modeling tool products ( UML project file, XMI, etc )
22 mdittmar 4563 .../dm/<MODEL>/vo-dml VO-DML products (HTML,XML,XSD)
23 mdittmar 4268

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