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apps/  5513  2 years  tdonaldson   Add checking that pixel numbers are within the legal range for their order.
uat-as-upstream/  5909  10 months  msdemlei   Adding info on UAT SC, adding Katie as an author. Preparing for initial PEN-1.0…
utypes/  3110  5 years  msdemlei   All around: Updated svn:externals to use volute.g-vo.org (rather than google co…
NOTES/  3438  5 years  msdemlei   Moving unaffiliated notes to a single head.
dal/  5852  14 months  msdemlei   UDF catalogue: ivo_hashlist_has definition of # in second arg. Also, fixing a b…
votable/  5679  23 months  tdonaldson   Update to REC for VOTable 1.4
semantics/  6026  8 weeks  msdemlei   VEP-007: adding a brief discussion summary.
registry/  6038  3 days  msdemlei   VODataService: Oops, forgot to save (and generate from) one of Anne's fixes.
std-vounits/  6015  2 months  msdemlei   VOUnits: Tombstone after migration to github.
theory/  5442  2 years  gerard.lemson   add generated XSD schema, and JSON schema generated form that using https://gith
WebAssets/  5996  2 months  msdemlei   docrepoToADS: adding a hack to improve last name detection for cases like Andrea…
edu/  5019  3 years  msdemlei   edumatters: updating language string in sample query.
SSIG/  6014  2 months  msdemlei   epn-tap: tombstone after move to github.
time-domain/  5361  2 years  baptiste   fixed <PARAM> example tabs in section
ivoapub/  5962  3 months  msdemlei   ivoatex: Fixing thisrec for variable-width archdiag boxes.
grid/  5981  3 months  major.brian   minor changes to examples, new previous versions segment
dm/  6027  8 weeks  harripa   move development to https://github.com/ivoa/vo-dml
ontologies/  1741  9 years  norman.x.gray   purl.org redirects set up, now checked here, and all work! Some (insignificant) …
samp/  3556  5 years  mbt   samp: add SampStandard.vor following Markus's request on TCG list, and adapted f…

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