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Wed Aug 6 20:02:09 2008 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by norman.x.gray
File size: 947 byte(s)
Change the way that vocabulary.html is generated from vocabulary.xml,
  after discovering some weirdness with the rendering of the
  previously generated file in some browsers -- some odd interaction
  between XHTML content and links and maybe the text/html MIME type, I
  don't know.
I now generate the XHTML and then convert it to HTML using an identity

2 The contents of this directory allow you to build the HTML part of the
3 IVOA Note/WD describing the vocabularies work. See ../README, though
4 the notes here should be self-contained as regards building the document.
6 To build this you need
8 * xsltproc or Saxon-8 (xsltproc is the default, but you can choose to use Saxon
9 using the --with-saxon flag to ./configure. I have in the past seen libxslt
10 10111 get terribly confused by some of the namespace magic in the
11 transformation, but libxslt 10122 seems OK ('xsltproc -V' will tell you what
12 version of libxslt your xsltproc is using)
14 * BibTeX
16 If you want to build vocabularies.ttl (and there's no real reason
17 why you would -- it's Norman's experiment with RDFa), then you will
18 also need curl (to download the RDFa2RDFXML.xsl stylesheet) and
19 rapper (from librdf.org)
21 To build, just call configure, once, in this directory's parent, and call make:
23 % (cd ..; ./configure)
24 % make

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