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Thu Dec 6 11:05:57 2007 UTC (13 years, 4 months ago) by norman.x.gray
File size: 1483 byte(s)
Adjustments to configuration and README -- make it clearer how to specify
  the CWM configure variable, and admit defeat on how cwm should be
  installed so as to avoid this nonsense
Add AC_PATH_PROGS checks for python and tar (the former is probably
  unnecessary, the latter is so that we can override it when necessary
  on OS X)

2 Build tree for the IVOA vocabulary SKOS files.
4 You need:
6 * rapper: from <http://librdf.org/raptor/>
7 * cwm: you need the CVS version from
8 <http://www.w3.org/2000/10/swap/doc/cwm.html>
9 * BibTeX, to build the bibliography in doc/
11 Configuring and building
12 ========================
14 % autoconf
15 % ./configure 'CWM=python "/path/to/checked out/cwm.py"'
16 % make
18 (yes, autoconf is slightly over the top for a project which isn't
19 designed to be built after distribution, but it's the most
20 straightforward way to do the various substitutions required, avoiding
21 a lot of Makefile fuss).
23 The cwm command can be given as shown (which works from a checked out
24 but not installed SWAP), but note the quotes. If you install cwm in a
25 standard python way, so that just 'cwm' at the command line works,
26 then setting this should be unnecessary (but I haven't been able to
27 work out how one is actually supposed to install cwm, so I can't
28 really check this).
31 Maintainance
32 ============
34 To add a vocabulary:
36 1. Create the appropriate subdirectory under src/, say src/NewVocab
37 2. Add a Makefile.in in that directory which creates at least
38 src/NewVocab/NewVocab.ttl, src/NewVocab/NewVocab.rdf and
39 src/NewVocab/Notes. The Makefile.in should allow its release
40 information to be set in the same way that src/AOIM/Makefile.in (for
41 example) does.
42 3. Add NewVocab to src/Makefile.in's SUBDIRS variable.
43 4. Add the new Makefile.in to the bottom of configure.ac.

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