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revision 679 by bourges.laurent, Wed Jun 25 17:24:17 2008 UTC revision 680 by bourges.laurent, Wed Jul 9 22:05:49 2008 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  <%@page contentType="text/html" session="false" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>  <%@page contentType="text/html" session="false" pageEncoding="UTF-8" import="org.ivoa.dm.MetaModelFactory" %>
2  <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c"%>  <%@taglib uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" prefix="c"%>
3    <%@ taglib tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags" prefix="x" %>
5  <c:set var="title" scope="request" value="SimDB Database Browser" ></c:set>  <c:set var="title" scope="request" value="Root Elements" ></c:set>
6  <c:set var="noLink" scope="request" value="1" ></c:set>  <c:set var="noLink" scope="request" value="1" ></c:set>
 <jsp:include page="header.jsp" flush="false"/>  
8    <jsp:include page="header.jsp" flush="false"/>
10  <p>  <% pageContext.setAttribute("types", MetaModelFactory.getInstance().getObjectClassTypeList()); %>
   <b>Protocols :</b>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=Protocol" title="show the list of protocols">Protocol List</a></li>  
   <b>Simulators :</b>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=Simulator" title="show the list of simulators">Simulator List</a></li>  
   <b>Post Processing codes :</b>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=ClusterFinder" title="show the list of cluster finders">ClusterFinder List</a></li>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=SubvolumeExtractor" title="show the list of subvolume extractors">SubvolumeExtractor List</a></li>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=Visualiser" title="show the list of visualisers">Visualiser List</a></li>  
12  <p>  <p>
13    <b>Experiments :</b>  <c:forEach var="entry" begin="0" items="${types}">
14    <ul>    <c:if test="${entry.root eq true}">
15      <li><a href="List.do?entity=Experiment" title="show the list of experiments">Experiment List</a></li>      <b>All ${entry.type.name}s :</b>
16    </ul>      <ul>
17    <b>Simulations :</b>        <li>
18    <ul>          <x:getMeta name="${entry.type.name}" var="meta">
19      <li><a href="List.do?entity=Simulation" title="show the list of simulations">Simulation List</a></li>            <a class="tooltipTrigger" title="&lt;h4&gt;${meta.type.name}&lt;/h4&gt;${meta.type.description}" href="List.do?entity=${meta.type.name}">${meta.type.name} List</a>
20    </ul>          </x:getMeta>
21    <b>Post Processing runs :</b>        </li>
22    <ul>      </ul>
23      <li><a href="List.do?entity=PostProcessing" title="show the list of post processing runs">PostProcessing List</a></li>    </c:if>
24    </ul>  </c:forEach>
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=ClusterDetection" title="show the list of cluster detections">ClusterDetection List</a></li>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=SubvolumeExtraction" title="show the list of subvolume extractions">SubvolumeExtraction List</a></li>  
     <li><a href="List.do?entity=Visualisation" title="show the list of visualisations">Visualisation List</a></li>  
25  </p>  </p>
27  <jsp:include page="footer.jsp" flush="false" />  <jsp:include page="footer.jsp" flush="false" />

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