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Sat Apr 5 08:05:17 2008 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by gerard.lemson
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Updated the model in ...14.1.
Added sterotypes. Changed treatment of ontology.
See doc/ for explanation files.
Should be turned into the standard model.
MD 12.1 seems to be able to read 14.1 XMI docs.
1 Use of ontologies etc in the SNAP model
2 ---------------------------------------
3 In the UML model we introduce instance-s of Ontology.
5 These are assumed to refer to real ontologies, containing Term-s.
7 These instances are to be used by types in the model. Some of these have attributes
8 whose type is "anyURI" and in their documentation indicate which Ontology instance
9 they should be obtained from.
11 This needs more discussion.
12 We may want to introduce a stereotype on an attribute which indicates that
13 the attribute takes its value in an externally maintained ontology.
14 This should come with a feature on the same attribute to indicate which ontology
15 is used. This may(?) be done using a Link to the corresponding Ontology instance.
16 Or maybe using a Tag with a standard name and with value the uri of the ontology.
18 For now I have chosen a Dependency Link. To it is assigned a stereotype <<ontologyref>>.
20 The type of the attribute must be anyURI or string. The latter should refer to the
21 name of the term which we assume to be unique in the ontology. The anyURI would
22 indicate the globally unique URI of the term.

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