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Wed May 17 20:41:41 2017 UTC (3 years, 8 months ago) by tdonaldson
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Add link to schema that uses "include" in parser page.
1 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">
2 <html><head>
7 <meta content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="content-type"><title>VODML Parser</title></head><body>
8 <h1>VODML Parser Service<br>
9 </h1>
11 <h2>Summary</h2>
12 <h4>Service</h4>
13 This web service transforms a VOTABLE into a variety of formats.&nbsp;
14 The input table can contain the proposed VODML mapping syntax (<a href="https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/xsd/ext/VOTable-1.4_vodml.xsd" target="_blank">VOTable-1.4_vodml.xsd</a>).&nbsp; An <a href="https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/xsd/ext/VOTable-1.4_extvodml.xsd" target="_blank">alternate form of the xsd</a> uses "include" to access the VODML schema from a separate file.<br>
15 <h4>Client</h4>
16 In addition to the web service, the MAST Portal client can display the
17 content of VODML annotated VOTABLEs.&nbsp; Use the link below to active
18 that version of the MAST Portal, then load the VOTABLE via URL in the
19 search box or via "Upload Target List" (really means upload any table).<br>
20 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Clients/Mast/Portal.html" target="_blank">https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Clients/Mast/Portal.html</a><br>
21 After loading a table via URL, you can grab a shortcut link to the
22 Portal with that table loaded using the "Copy Link for this Search"
23 button.&nbsp; <img style="width: 32px; height: 32px;" alt="Link" src="link_32x32.png"><br>
24 <br>
25 <h2>Notes / Todo<br>
26 </h2>
29 <ul>
30 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;"></span>The parser doesn't
31 currently parse FITS files, so 100 rows of fake data are generated for
32 VOTABLEs that use FITS.&nbsp; (Once the parser can recognize FITS, it
33 still won't be able to find "file:" references to those FITS files.</li>
34 <li>The template filling and reference following happens only in the
35 client now.&nbsp; Maybe a future extension of the parser can do that
36 server-side as well.</li><li>The client doesn't dereference and REMOTEREFERENCE or FOREIGNKEY references.</li>
37 <li>The client should demonstrate that it "knows" certain models (e.g., sample, CAOM).</li>
38 <ul>
39 <li>This could/should include validating that the model matches the VODML annotations.</li>
40 </ul>
41 <li><br>
42 </li>
43 </ul>
46 <h2>Arguments</h2>
48 <ul>
50 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">format</span> - The desired
51 output format.&nbsp; Available choices (not case sensitive) are
52 below:</li>
53 <br>
54 <ul>
55 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">json</span> - A JSON
56 serialization of all the VODML instances from the input VOTABLE.&nbsp;
57 All non-VODML content of the VOTABLE is discarded.<br>
58 </li>
59 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">jsonlite</span> - A slightly
60 shorter serialization of all the VODML instances.&nbsp; The only real
61 difference is in the leaf nodes for primitive data values.</li><li><span style="font-weight: bold;">extjs</span> - A complex JSON
62 serialization intended for use by the MAST Discivery Portal.&nbsp; This
63 format contains all the data from the original table along with some
64 client-specific information such as histograms of the data
65 columns.&nbsp; It also contains the same object returned by the json
66 format above.</li>
67 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">votable</span> - Echoes back a
68 VOTABLE that was constructed from the internal model created by the
69 parser, but is hopefully equivalent to the input VOTABLE.<br>
70 </li>
72 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">csv</span> - A csv containing
73 the TABLEDATA from the first table in the input VOTABLE.&nbsp; Most
74 metadata is discarded.<br>
75 </li>
76 </ul>
77 </ul>
79 <ul>
81 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">votable</span> - The input
82 votable.&nbsp; Value can be specified as:<br>
83 </li>
84 <ul>
85 <li>URL (must be accessible to the masttest.stsci.edu server)<br>
86 </li>
87 <li>Local file (only available when using the parseVodmlForm
88 version of the web service)<br>
89 </li>
90 </ul>
91 </ul>
93 <h2>Service Entry Points</h2>
95 The service has two different versions, both of which have the base URL
96 <span style="font-style: italic;">https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/</span><br>
98 <ul>
100 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">parseVodml</span> - Takes the
101 arguments as url parameters.</li>
102 <ul>
103 <li>votable value must be URL accessible to the masttest server.</li>
104 </ul>
105 <ul>
106 <li>This example URL, which can be used with <span style="font-style: italic;">curl</span> or in a browser, parses
107 test5.votable-1.4.xml from volute, and outputs the resulting VODML
108 instances in <span style="font-weight: bold;">json</span> format:</li>
109 </ul>
110 </ul><a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/mapping/test5.votable-1.4.xml" target="_blank">https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/mapping/test5.votable-1.4.xml</a><br>
112 <ul>
114 <li><span style="font-weight: bold;">parseVodmlForm</span> - Takes
115 the arguments as form data.</li>
116 <ul>
117 <li>votable value can be URL or can specify a file from your local
118 disk.</li>
119 <li>The first example does the same thing as the URL above, but
120 with the arguments as form data:</li>
121 </ul>
122 </ul>
124 <pre>curl \<br>&nbsp; -F "format=json" \<br>&nbsp; -F "votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/mapping/test5.votable-1.4.xml" \<br>&nbsp; https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodmlForm<br><br></pre>
126 <ul>
128 <ul>
129 <li>The second example does the same thing, but loads the votable
130 from the local disk:</li>
131 </ul>
132 </ul>
134 <pre>curl \<br>&nbsp; -F "format=json" \<br>&nbsp; -F "votable=@/Users/tom/myfiles/test5.votable-1.4.xml" \<br>&nbsp;https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodmlForm<br></pre>
135 <h2><br>
136 </h2>
137 <h2>Examples<br>
138 </h2>
139 <h4>Create JSON format for some annotated VOTABLEs in volute</h4>
141 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/mapping/test5.votable-1.4.xml" target="_blank">test5.votable-1.4.xml</a><br>
142 <br>
143 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/vo-dml/models/tesselation/%20votable.annotatedRef.xml" target="_blank">votable.annotatedRef.xml</a><br>
144 <br>
145 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/CubeDM-1.0/examples/chandra_2Dsky_image_annotated.vot" target="_blank">chandra_2Dsky_image_annotated.vot</a><br>
146 <br>
147 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/CubeDM-1.0/examples/chandra_2Dsky_image_annotated_byref.vot" target="_blank">chandra_2Dsky_image_annotated_byref.vot</a><br>
148 <br>
149 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Mashup.asmx/parseVodml?format=json&amp;votable=https://volute.g-vo.org/svn/trunk/projects/dm/CubeDM-1.0/examples/chandra_events_annotated.vot" target="_blank">chandra_events_annotated.vot</a><br>
150 <br>
151 <h4>Run MAST portal on some annotated VOTABLEs in volute</h4>
152 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Clients/Mast/Portal.html?searchQuery=%7B%22service%22%3A%22VOTABLE%22%2C%22inputText%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fvolute.g-vo.org%2Fsvn%2Ftrunk%2Fprojects%2Fdm%2Fvo-dml%2Fmapping%2Ftest5.votable-1.4.xml%22%2C%22paramsService%22%3A%22Vo.Generic.Table%22%2C%22title%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fvolute.g-vo.org%2Fsvn%2Ftrunk%2Fprojects%2Fdm%2Fvo-dml%2Fmapping%2Ftest5.votable-1.4.xml%22%2C%22columns%22%3A%22*%22%7D" target="_blank">test5.votable-1.4.xml</a><br>
153 <a href="https://masttest.stsci.edu/vodml/Mashup/Clients/Mast/Portal.html?searchQuery=%7B%22service%22%3A%22VOTABLE%22%2C%22inputText%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fvolute.g-vo.org%2Fsvn%2Ftrunk%2Fprojects%2Fdm%2FCubeDM-1.0%2Fexamples%2Fchandra_2Dsky_image_annotated.vot%22%2C%22paramsService%22%3A%22Vo.Generic.Table%22%2C%22title%22%3A%22https%3A%2F%2Fvolute.g-vo.org%2Fsvn%2Ftrunk%2Fprojects%2Fdm%2FCubeDM-1.0%2Fexamples%2Fchandra_2Dsky_image_annotated.vot%22%2C%22columns%22%3A%22*%22%7D" target="_blank"><br>
154 chandra_2Dsky_image_annotated.vot</a><br>
155 <br>
156 <br>
157 <br>
158 <br>
159 <br>
161 </body></html>


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