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Example serializations of the Dataset model
1 Example Suite for "Dataset Metadata Model", version 1.0:
3 The following examples are produced by the modeler using a home-grown python
4 utility called 'voefg' (Virtual Observatory Example File Generator).
6 Additional examples generated by an independently developed DSL-based package
7 called 'jovial' can be found here: <URL>
10 Example Suite Summary:
11 <ext> Flavor
12 ----- -------------------------------------------------------------
13 vot VOTable-1.3 standard syntax
14 avot VOTable-1.3 annotated with VO-DML/Mapping syntax
15 xml XML - validates using test_meas_v1.0.xsd which adds serializable
16 elements to the base Meas model schema
17 xxx An internal DOC format
18 XML/DOM structure representing the instances generated when
19 interpreting the template
21 ================================================================================
22 observation_full.<ext>
23 A complete serialization using the Observation element as 'root'.
24 The ObsDataset instance is shown as a 'result' of the Observation.
26 o Includes: all elements of the model
28 obsdataset_full.<ext>
29 A complete serialization using the ObsDataset element as 'root'.
30 This basically represents a complete 'header' of a data product.
31 Here, several elements are at the top level which were contained
32 within Observation.. these are the Provenance-like elements
33 referring back to the Observation activity which generated the
34 dataset. (e.g. Target, Proposal, ObsConfig )
36 o Includes: all elements of the model except Observation.
38 obsdataset_mini.<ext>
39 The same instance as obsdataset_full, but includes only the
40 required elements (multiplicity = 1+). This represents the minimal
41 information to be provided regarding an ObsDataset.
43 o Includes: ObsDataset, AstroTarget, Curation, DataID, Organization, Publisher

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