Example Queries for our TAP Service

katkat bibliography

To search for title (or other) words in katkat.katkat's source field or in some other sort of bibliographic query, use the gavo_hasword locally defined function. This basically works a bit like you'd expect from search engines: case-insensitive, and oblivious to any context.

Try the following query:

select * 
      from katkat.katkat 
      where gavo_hasword('variable', source) 
        and minEpoch<1900

arigfh multiflags

This query selects reflected observations and their epochs and equinoxes from the identified objects within arigfh.id. This example in particular shows how to decode combined flags (i.e., flags-like numbers in which digits (or groups of digits) need to be extracted to allow interpretation.

Try the following query:

      SELECT decCat, raj2000, dej2000, epDec, eqDec 
      FROM arigfh.id 
      WHERE 4=mod(decflags/10000, 10)