An Example for /examples

This document illustrates how to write a DALI-compliant examples document using TAP's special table and query properties. Apart from the actual examples blocks, you can add arbitrary additional material, for instance, a table of contents:

Use the W3C RDFa validator to see what semantics your RDFa actually conveys.

Query for CALIFA object properties

This example shows how to combine the califadr3.objects table of properties of CALIFA target galaxies with the califadr3.cubes table of data cubes to select bright, early-type spirals:

SELECT target_name, accref, hubtyp, magg
FROM califadr3.cubes
  NATURAL JOIN califadr3.objects
WHERE hubtyp in ('S d', 'S cd', 'S c')
  AND magg<13

Query against coverage

When querying against geometric columns, in particular coverage, use ADQL's contains or intersect functions, like this:

SELECT accref, seeing
  FROM cars.images
      WHERE 1=INTERSECTS(coverage, circle('', 34, -4, 2))
      ORDER BY seeing

Of course, this concerns all SIAP and SSAP tables (cars.images only standing as an example here) as well as ivoa.obscore