Volute VO SVN Repository

Volute is a subversion repository for developing VO standards and ancillary artefacts.

Everybody can check out material on Volute read-only. For commit privileges, please contact msdemlei@ari.uni-heidelberg.de, specifying who you are (if we don't know you), the user name you want and ideally a password; a PGP key is available from the key servers, key id 0x555FA86CC57AE128.

To browse the repository, point your browser at the repository itself (interesting stuff starts at trunk/projects).

Regular contributors may want to subscribe to a mailing list with commit messages from this repository.

Volute used to be on Google Code before it shut down. If you have checkouts from the old google code repository, just run

svn relocate https://volute.googlecode.com https://volute.g-vo.org
svn update

within them. Converting volute URLs out there is similarly straightforward.

For authoring IVOA standards, there is a TeX-based document authoring system called iovaTeX, and you are encouraged to use it together with Volute. See http://ivoatex.g-vo.org for details.